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Erg! How do they manage??

It is very infuriating to me to see a writer make a good story, good characterization in one part, and then go and totally burn his/her own tower in the next one. Not only head-scratching to the 'nth degree, but very infuriating.

Backstory: I was reading fanfiction. Yes, I know, the last place to go if I don't want to see someone go up in flames but there ARE good things there to, which keeps me going back to it. But I've seen this happen in paid novels too so it isn't anything new really...

I see so many of this happen though that I get scared I'll do it to my characters. At this point in time, I have no desire to build up characters, get everyone to love them only to put them through the ringer that is angst, drama and tragedy and call it "progress" in the end. Blarg, give me a second while I wash my mouth out with soap, bleh.

My second big reaction - how does someone in a previous chapter/story be able to built up a pretty nice manly character, and then two installments later, he gets to rip into his girlfriend, she gets to be blamed for everything because he is "going through such a rough time" and in the end, she's the one being slapped on the wrist for "not obeying orders" and he gets to be the one that's "had a rough time, knows whats best, yadda yadda."... ummm, hello? Go throw yourself off the Grand Canyon edge. How do they manage to think that the two characterizations are even compatible?

*blows out steamed breath* Okay, had to get that out. No, I don't even want to review the story. It's been written (looks like at least a year ago) and what I think isn't really going to change the author's mind by this point. If someone wants to set fire and do story character suicide they could of found plenty of reasons to NOT do it. If you write one character like she has a mind that can think, don't treat it like she suddenly doesn't. No one takes that much pain and blame and shame without totally dumping them or jumping off a bridge.

And in the end I have to realize that people either 1) Don't know what a proper relationship looks like, so they think the whole "blame the other person, make up in the end with no consequences" is normal 2) don't WANT to know what a proper relationship/consequences looks like and are stuffing a square peg into a circle whole. If they were 3) knew what proper response to improper behavior is, they wouldn't be writing like it's normal to begin with. I guess I just come back to the same thought: "How do people come so close to begin with only to dive nose first into the volcano?" I'm sure there's a lesson here, even a spiritual one... Something like, only the flame brings life but those that reach for it with death in their hearts burn from it... haha, that would so work in the Al'Tyr quotes that ShadowShock would say. Ahhh, the one thing good about reading BAD fanfiction is that you can inspire yourself to go back and write your originals and break past that writer's block you had.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant. :)