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I think I'm finally getting over the lingering, lingering after effects the three week illness had on me. Wow, yow. I don't think I've had something that knocked me out for the following weeks after being sick. Here's to not getting sick again.

Got a job interview! Looks good but I'm not going to say anything for sure until I get the green light. A little disappointed I haven't gotten far with my Voice Over stuff, but it has been extremely hard in my current situation to get a sound studio set up. My place is NOT good for getting sound proof going.

Positive things that have been happening though;
I've gotten back into writing my stories, really happy about that even if it's not back to the original pace that I had before. Can't be helped and I'm doing my best not to feel guilty about that because that would just have the opposite effect.

I've also gotten back my determination to learn Japanese language and I feel I might be able to get something going this time. I'll of course have to see what my work schedule is like if I get one, but it's very likely I can work something out. YES! In the meantime I've found some nice Japanese singing groups to listen to so I can recover my original ability to recognize the sounds and individual words without them all sounding like one long word.

Now if only I can stop the cats from waking me up three times during the night...