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Health (and what I don't have)


I have moderate burnout also known as Adrenal Fatigue. I probably have had a mild case several years ago and it just got progressively worse. Apparently my adrenal glands are no longer producing "normal" amounts. Which from there has a domino affect on several other functions. Yeah, just great. And there's no quick recovery.

This is after about a accumulation of six months researching and poking around the internet and finally taking keeping track of symptoms (something not really promoted by the family in the past).

This, I have learned, isn't "officially" recognized in the medical fields but the list of symtoms describe me. I'm quite sure where the stress came from - constant "survival awareness" can be physically taxing. Apparently nutritional deficiancy doesn't help and considering my past bare meals (mom, you did your best, k?) growing up and even recent times, I can't say I'm surprised.

At least I now have a name for what's been happening to me, especially when there were things I wanted to do but I just could notget the energy to do it without a huge struggle which only resulted in me being even more wrung out mentally and physically afterwards. Now I know, there really is something biological affecting me, not a matter of "will" or "you have to really wamt/believe you want it". It is still incredibly frustrating but at least there's a reason. It is also hard to pace myself on the days I do feel good so I don't crash my body afterwards.

Doing this on my cellphone, which is not spellchecking for me  so all spelling mistakes are all me.