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The Hazards of moving...

The things I've acquired moving is:

bruises on the back of BOTH my ankles (one wasn't bad and is already gone, the other one is turning that nice ugly look). Skinned one knee, bruised both knees. Bruised both biceps, minor small ones probably acquired when I was moving square shaped boxes. They're about in the right place for the corners to dig in without me really noticing it. Of course sore and stiff muscles the morning after are a given acquired thing when you do moving.

Things are doing pretty nice here at the new place. It's great to be able to walk across the yard and talk to the horse without having to climb into a car and drive for 20 minutes. I know it's made my mom a lot happier.

Although on the second week, as a welcome gift, someone in the neighborhood decided to try and hotwire our old Mercedes. This Mercedes has a bit of a personality when it comes to putting the key in anyway, so whoever was trying to hotwire it just ruined it more and they couldn't get anywhere with it. Upside, they didn't get anything for their work. Downside, it's not moving for us either until we get it replaced. Aiya...

And it's hard to play Starcraft II when the left side of your keyboard is giving out. It also caused me to get locked out of my LJ account for the next 20 minutes... XD Ug. And I'm out of practice on SC2, didn't really win any games, arcade or otherwise.

But that's not as important as the unpacking. Got all the boxes in, now to do the slow agonizing process of opening up the boxes and sorting things out.

Tiiiiired! I know I wanted to talk about the trip but I need a little brain break.