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Made it!!

Made it to Texas last Friday afternoon after four days of traveling in the van. I would of posted sooner, but cell phone connection is kind of lousy once the sun comes up and since I've thrown myself into unpacking the day after we arrived I've been a little too tired to wake up before said sun.

Until today. It helps that it looks like it'll be overcast too, improving my cellphone data connection.

I want to post pictures, I want to catch up on my Transformers web forum, I want to check up on my handful of internet friends... I can only do so much on an Iphone with poor connection. Thankfully it seems like the LJ app works well enough. Yaaay!

So I want to type up more of my travels but I shouldn't take too long so the sun doesn't ruin my connection... Lets just say that I spent more then 28 hours in a van on the road (not including the overnight hotel stops).

With five cats.

That at least kept things interesting. Fufu, young Manx, hollered for at least three hours during the first day letting us know what she though of her custom kennel, the trip and us.

Rat, the lovable big long tailed cat chewed out of his carrier the first night we left him in the van during warm temperatures. Imagine my fright when I opened the sliding door and picked up his carrier to find it entirely too light.

Bluestreak, the long haired fancy coloring of the three long tailed cats, didn't like traveling & just stayed curled in a ball during the travel. But stops at the hotels he would uncurl to eat, snuggle on the bed & purr... Then when you were falling asleep he would prowl around the room meowing in a voice that would be cute if you weren't trying to sleep.

Rafaela was pretty good except come night. Before Blue would start, she would already be circling the room for the eighth time, trying to fit into that to small bag yet again, stomping across the bathroom counter and knocking down the bags we had placed there. Ahg, she just would not sit still unless you put here back in the cat carrier.

Edgar, the old man Manx, was the star of the trip after I thought he'd be the noisiest. Go figure.

Okay, I better go get dressed & ready for unpacking and hauling things into the house or shed. Once we get some proper internet connection I'll post some observations I had going through three USA states along with pictures I took. Till then, take care!!

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Apr. 24th, 2013 03:55 am (UTC)
And apparently people welcome you to the neighborhood by trying to steal your car. =P
Apr. 26th, 2013 03:17 am (UTC)
XD I was going to get to that one in the next post
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