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Rain, blessed rain

So after days and days of rain I'll get tired of it, but the first storms of rain are the most sweet. Even if they mean muddy ground, slippery roads and dodging accidents created by airheads that don't think to slow down. The smell is wonderful, the sound is soothing and allows me to go to sleep.

Of course, it is harder to wake up in the morning when it is dark, cold, wet and I can't take my time and make a hot cup of cocoa. Phewy. Oh well, you win some you loose some.

Glad I went out and tried out a new wash/wax thing on my car the day before it rained. I didn't do the whole car, as this is something I never tried before and I want to see how well it stands up. I used it on the back rear lights where they get dusted by the diesel exhaust the most and on and around the area of my license plate. I didn't think it would but it REALLY makes a difference in the area around the plate, looks sooo good now. Just gonna see how long it can keep the exhaust dust off of it and go from there.

Here's some pics below the LJ cut;

Evening after RainThe evening after it rained pretty much the whole day. On my way home from work around 6pm. The clouds have retreated to the horizon and the sharp bite in the air as I walked out of the work building told me that everything was fresh and it would be cold that night.

Morning AfterThe morning after it had rained. As I was starting my drive to work I noticed the western/northern sky had these cloud streaks. It almost looked like the lines left by high flying airliners, but it wasn't them. Too many, and they look different.

Morning After 2At another corner, this time facing the eastern sky, on my way to work. The light was red, the clouds looks neat and the sun was hidden by the trees so it wouldn't cause my poor iphone camera to spazz out with too much contrast.

Grrr, and LJ is giving me a fuss about inserting these pics from the scrapbook that I uploaded them to.